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And here we go, my first wordpress.com via Twitter API entry. 🙂

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Dinner at La Cote (artfully arranged mushrooms, fish and a dessert that could properly be called a “confection”) was noisy and cheerful. Terry Savage welcomed us with a quick speech, promising a relaxing evening before we disappeared into dark rooms for four or five days of judging.

I sat in between Carolyn Lowery, Festival Director – she’s been with the Cannes Festival for 23 years! – and Senthil Kumar of JWT. The rest of our table held other members of the radio jury, including Mark Gross, our jury president. “From 8 to 9 I’ll be tanning my backside, and from 9 to 10 the front side. Just bring me drinks.” Having been a Real Men of Genius fan for years, I could only be amazed at being on the same table as its creator.

I left early, as I was still lagged. If I didn’t force myself to sleep I wouldn’t be able to listen to anything but the sound of one pillow calling.

I was going to set up a sub-blog for my Cannes judging experience, but SFR wifi has not been the most reliable. I microblog via mobile on Twitter so you can follow me there in the meantime.

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Collage is the way.

I’ve been wondering how to save all the meeting and shoot doodles from my Kokuyo binder notebook. With a little free time yesterday, plus an Elmer’s Glue Stick, I tried my hand at collage in a Moleskine. So far, so good. I decided not to trim flush to the doodles, but to leave obvious white borders, to remind me of their source. The collages, I admit, could do with a little more purposefulness. I don’t know why I decided to cover the writing on one page and leave the other alone.

This might inspire me to reserve a Moleskine for collage. I think the regular unlined would work. The sketch Moleskines do have thicker, sturdier paper, but it seems a bit of a waste to use them only as a mounting surface.

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We moved to the 27th floor of the same building this Monday. At first I didn’t have an office, but a storage room. That’s all fixed now. My assistant (also known as the Woman Who Has Saved My Behind Too Many Times to Count) helped me unpack my boxes, arrange my books and find an extension cord, among other things necessary for surviving dislocation.

So far so good. There are shelves for my ink bottles and many surfaces that will no doubt be covered with clutter within a week unless I restrain myself from my messy habits.

But oh, the freshness of a different view!

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Or at least it would if Globe Wifi would just behave, but it’s not.

Joel said, “Hey, they’re recycling the opening number from last night.” Seen from that point of view, the writers’ strike is a carbon offset.

Down to 24% power. I really should’ve plugged in last night but I was too sleepy after the talk, the dinner and the laughter over Sandy’s winning the PSP in the Inquirer raffle.

I wrote a question for Neil. “So what do you *really* think of advertising?”

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