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Oh dear, not even SPF 50 could save me. Cirio and I took a walk along the beach, and it was the sunniest day we’ve had so far. My arms below my sleeves now sport a tan.


That happened because Vanne, executive directrix and Pillar of the Industry, clucked at me to wear the shirt this morning. I had planned to wear it later on tonight, in anticipation of rain and wind chill, but there you go. Creative delegates, please buy your Kidlat shirt at the registration desk in Seawind. 🙂

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It’s the second day of the Kidlat Awards in Boracay. And for the second day, it’s raining. The sun comes out, a brief decoy of hope, and then the clouds move in. The beach looks inviting, nevertheless, and I look enviously at people who remembered to bring jackets, because the wind is chilly and damp.

Many of the creative delegates fly in today. We’re at Seawind, where the judging is being held. In a couple of minutes, we’ll convene at the cabana facing the beach to evaluate the Young Creatives’ work. I did get a chance to walk down the beach this morning, when the sun was playing nice, and Cirio and I made our way to d’Mall so I could buy a charger and he could find an internet cafe. d’Mall has been joined by d’Wall and d’Street, and doubtless there were other contractions I missed.

Tonight at Guilly’s, there’ll be welcome cocktails for the creative delegates and Brian Cua will do the DJ honors, which is always (put Martha shawl on) a good thing.

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