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Welcome to my mesk.

Mess + desk = mesk. I have a mesk.

Twelve bottles of ink. Three Shiseido foundations: one powder, one brightening veil, one smoothing veil. One bottle of Estee Lauder Idealist, a gift, unopened. A charger for a phone I no longer own. Johnson’s baby fresh cleansing wipes. Nars blush in Gueule de Nuit. Shiseido lipstick in P1 Acorn. A can of Oxycan, Life in a Can! Beauty Formulas Face & Body cooling mist. A can of Diet Pepsi. A loupe. Two green plastic binders. Cake Satin Sugar refreshing hair and body mist. Three pairs of pliers: cutting, round, longnose. The Fountain Pen Hospital Annual 2008. Today’s newspapers. A gift pack from Rogemson. L’Occitane’s Thé Vert au Jasmin eau de toilette. Binder refills. My old Wacom tablet. A basket for coins. The Moleskine twinset 2008 limited edition. A hair stick of buffalo horn that I can’t wear because I no longer have hair. Assorted pens. Assorted receipts. My MBP, the current Wacom tablet, a CD case that is now a coaster.

What I need is a large cabinet where I can hide away everything and pretend, gratefully, that I am revitalized and organized.

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That simple instruction sent me to SM looking for a dress.
Dark Mall.
On the way, I passed the aftermath of the blast: pedestrians in a hurry, weaving in and out of the unfamiliar, uncomfortable darkness. There were no neon signs, no backlit store displays, no smells of butter and bread wafting from the entrance of Glorietta 4.

In SM, the lines were short. The saleslady explained the SM Advantage Card to me at length, because there weren’t any customers behind me. I bought a Cesar Gaupo jersey dress. I would like to wear it with jeans but not during tomorrow’s dinner, because we are going to a restaurant that doesn’t allow such informality to darken its doors. My friend says the food is worth it.

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That’s what Joey, WordPress.org person, said to me last night when I proudly showed her my “new” blog. So I chose the upgrade option to get custom CSS working. I just don’t feel like doing it today. There is a gray veil of rain beyond the gray window behind the gray blinds. Monotone, monochrome, a monologue describing nothing much at all. Perhaps even the day is in default mode, too set in its ways. I’m neither sad nor bored. My state of mind is akin to blips of self-awareness in between handfuls of peanuts.

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Bear with me.

I’ll be fiddling with WordPress.com layouts until I find something I like. I might even learn CSS. Excuse me while I transmogrify.

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So were you depressed?
Don’t you think you look like your mom with that haircut?
Yes. But she’s prettier.
Why did you do it?
My hair was fried. It was futile to try to save it.
But hasn’t your hair been fried a while?
Yes, but I never noticed because it was always up in a bun.
Who cut your hair?
Oreo at Propaganda in Greenbelt 1.
So what happens to all your hair accessories?
I might give them away.
What did Lucien think of your hair?
He gawked, then smiled, then tugged my bangs. Then everything was back to normal.
Do you blowdry everyday?
I bought a new blowdryer. Whether it will be wielded daily remains to be seen.
So you’re sure you’re not depressed?
Yes, I’m quite sure.

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