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I have to be at the airport early to pay travel tax, because I bought my ticket online. I’m taking a Cebu Pacific international flight for the first time, and I have no idea what the queues at their check-in counters are like. I don’t mind the long wait before departure, anyway; I stay at the Hiraya lounge, where there’s ramen, wi-fi and a decent restroom.

The Eee comes with me, together with a couple of pens and tiny sketch notebooks. The Eee’s first overseas trip, and its first foray into being a real traveling companion. This should be interesting.

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Without reading the manual, I decided to set up the wireless router today. I plugged it in, turned on the Mac and configured away. It worked. I was happy. I turned on the Asus Eee. The connection worked, too.

I figured that was that.

Later in the afternoon, I brought the Asus Eee into the bedroom, so I could surf a bit before joining Lucien for siesta. I tried connecting, and got a surly “no DHCP offers received” message from the Eee. I tried thrice. No luck. The connection was always “pending,” like those really useful bills in Congress.

I googled my problem and ran into others with similar issues at the eeeuser forum. I reset the router around five times, fiddled with leaving it open, using WEP or WPA, created a connection entry under the Networks app and finally got it to work. I don’t know which thing I did worked, exactly. It could have been a matter of throwing out an entire bunch of banana peels, crossing my fingers, and slipping on the right one.

Happiness and sanity restored.

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No, I haven’t customized its desktop, gone into advanced mode or installed additional programs, but the Asus Eee doesn’t mind at all.

I tucked it into my big brown tote together with the Huawei E220 modem from Globe Visibility (which it recognized without pain yesterday), a generic wireless mouse, the external hard drive and its charger. It didn’t add much weight. Having one bag instead of two (as I usually do) made watching out for Lucien less of a strain on my back. I could pick him up, and Barney too, and not grimace with discomfort. (The Asus Eee is a road warrior’s dream, but in my opinion it is also ideal for that psychographic loosely called “progressive mommy.”)

A brass band leading a procession of umbrellas just trudged by. It is not a good day to be having a funeral, not this close to Christmas. Sundays are the best days to have funerals in this town. When we walked Lola Que to church, there was another incoming we had to swerve to avoid. I expect it’s because most of the guests would be able to spare time on a Sunday.

I mention this because I can. We were never wired, or wireless, whenever we would stay here. The bamboo straining in the wind, the angry insectoid drone of tricycles, the narcoleptic haze of an early afternoon in my hometown – I experience them as my fingers touch type, and the world balances somehow.


Yes, the Asus Eee is almost no match for a little pack of snacks.

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