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It refuses to publish without hiccuping. So the regular flavor blog is missing images, and takes entire afternoons to upload unsuccessfully. Rant, rant, rant.

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…is here.
I have yet to make up my mind about WordPress. I love the ease; but iBlog RC 2 is looking spiffier than ever. We’ll see.

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I am seriously thinking of moving blogs. I have been using iBlog with the .mac service for three years; it’s always been fairly reliable, and customizable enough. That I got iBlog free with my .mac subscription helped, of course.

Still, now that I’ve upgraded to a pro account on Flickr, and wordpress.com has added more functionality, I just might make the move. The East Asian internet outage felt like a torture test for which services lived on a faster, more reliable plane, and which didn’t. Poor .mac lost some of its luster for me.

Red on red.

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