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And to think I only had to keep it up for the last two weeks of November.

Bad blogger. Bad blogger.

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the rain sheeting, careening crazy down the windshield. A splitsecond later, as the car moves forward, the ears receive the bounty of sound, the pitter too soon after the patter.

I imagine slow rain to have vowels like long e and long i, but a monsoon downpour does away with all the vowels, and insists on rapid-slurred consonants, kkkkk ppppp. The ride to the office gives me more than ample time to imagine the outposts of the language of rain, as traffic is an inch a minute. I see a man stalled on his bicycle, leaning against a parked car, too weary to struggle the last few meters to the waiting shed. The couple in the taxi in front of me ignore the rain, the jam, the taxi driver sneaking peeks at them in his rearview mirror. It is a rain-bleak morning, but they flutter their fingers on each other’s cheeks and make their own sunshine.

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Random acts of tagging.

Via Adventures of Plenty and the Menchuvian Candidate, I’ve been tagged.

Link to the person or people that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

1. I bought five pen cases today.
2. I also got a bag to match the pen cases.
3. I uncheck spellcheck. It softens the brain.
4. When I am lost in a book, I do not want to be found.
5. Eighty percent of my wardrobe is jeans.
6. My toes must poke out from under the blanket when I sleep.
7. I stopped believing in Santa when I was eleven.

I’ll tag seven random people later, and leave comments on their blogs.

(Yes! I have today’s entry all packed and ready to publish, ten minutes to midnight.)

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I like this more detailed readability analysis, but alas, it does not have a widget. This blog falls in between TV Guide and Reader’s Digest. My old blog is on the high end of most popular novels, sneaking up on Time and Newsweek. I should use tintinnabulation, excoriate, phlogiston, anile and caterwaul more often, with a hefty sprinkle of pejorative and gerrymander.

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However, I refuse to backdate! Let this be NaBloPo1/2Mo, for everyone who’s ever said better late than never.

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